Our 2019 word count (so far): 98,697

Why Is Copywriting So Important?

The right words help your business to be noticed, to build trust, communicate meaning, add value and, ultimately, drive sales and relationship growth. And in a world where advertisers are all trying to shout louder than one another, standing out has never been more important. 


The trouble is, copywriting isn’t as simple it sounds… it’s audience research, reams of data, keyword tracking and competitor analysis before you even pick up a pen. Then comes the tough part, masterfully selecting the words that build trust, create emotional connections and drive target audiences to action. 


That’s where we come in. From straplines and campaign concepts to scripts, step-by-step guides and  web copy, so far in 2019, we’ve been commissioned to carefully craft 98,697 words across print, web and social. And we are always happy to write a few more.

What Makes Our Process Different?

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We believe knowledge is power and that research holds the key to writing content that works. It’s what separates a view from a click and a good story from a great one


We believe in the power of data and metrics, but we also believe that in order to tell the stories that people want to hear, we must write for humans first and computers second


We believe that copywriting is a game of horses for courses. That’s why our team is made up of creative, marketing, explainer and SEO copywriting specialists that work collaboratively to deliver content that resonates with the people that matter to you 


We believe that the best copywriting - the work that people remember - is the work that see’s the difference between the way things have always been done and the way they could be done. Our brains are programmed to filter out consistency and focus on differences, hence why we remember the books that surprised us, the stories that intrigued us and the campaigns that gave us that “OMG!” moment


And finally, we believe that it’s our job to shake things up, to make sure that we don’t move from brief to brief with the same words, the same jokes and the same process but the expectation of a different outcome…