When North American health and wellness brand, Renew Life, launched in the UK, B&H were commissioned to produce a comprehensive series of films that aimed to make gut health more widely, openly and more knowledgeably discussed. 


The shoot took place in Ibiza where Fluorescent PR had organised a press & influencers trip to shed some light on the positive benefits that come with maintaining a healthy and balanced gut. Across the four-day trip, B&H we tasked with capturing engaging, informative and highly shareable content that would enlighten viewers of the importance of gut health and inspire them to eat well and nourish their bodies. 


In order to maximise ROI, B&H produced 25 films that could be repositioned across a range of social channels to support the Renew Life UK launch. The films ranged from stylish short form assets to informative pieces with Renew Life spokesperson Dr. Sara Celik and emotive #WhatGaveMeTheGuts films that saw the influencers discuss their personal experiences with mental and physical health. 


Here are a few examples…  

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