Video is now an affordable, accessible and integral part of a brands offering, providing a platform to build trust, grow a network and form long-lasting relationships with potential customers. 


At B&H, we’ve created content in many guises. From cinemagraphs and stop-motions to tutorials, campaign films and long-form content. Our clients range from start-ups to major retailers and global PR, digital and marketing agencies. We challenge them to be brave and innovative, and in turn, they challenge us to take their content from script to screen.

How We Work...

We believe that great video is about much more than design and production, and that the most powerful tool in a brands armoury is the ability to connect emotionally. 


Whether it’s a series of testimonials, an animation to explain a new product or the production of a major brand video, we pride ourselves on our ability to tell emotional stories. That doesn't mean we’ll have people reaching for the tissues every time they scroll down their Facebook newsfeed, but whether we spark curiosity, tug on heartstrings or build trust and empowerment, the end result is video content that is right, real and resonates with the people that matter to you.

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Camera Operator


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