With the average number of global searches for “how to” on the rise, step by step tutorial content is a great way for brands to add value, organically engage potential customers and emphasise how well they know their trade and products.  


With that in mind, Wickes decided to invest in its range of ‘How To’ video, print and web content by creating over 50 new guides to extend the range of in-store leaflets and grow the YouTube and web offering within the key categories of ‘Garden & Landscaping’, ‘Decorating’, ‘Home Maintenance’, ‘Tiles & Flooring’, ‘Kitchen & Bathroom’ and ‘Home Safety & Security’.  


B&H were delighted to be commissioned to handle research, SEO enhanced copywriting, scripting, video production and photography for the new range of ‘How To’s’, which were successfully delivered in 2018. 


Here are some examples… 

How to lay a path with Wickes
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